What's in my Carry On Bag?

Recently I went on a pretty long vacation all around the U.S and after being on over 10+ planes I have a pretty nicely condensed carry on bag, well it's more just the "personal item" part my actual carry on varies too much. So here is what's in my carry on! :)

1) Make Up Bag

I don't really have a lot of makeup in my makeup bag, it's more of a emergency kit. I usually have bandaids here too for when shoes hurt my feet .... but I already use them all.

- Hand Cream from Nature Republic

- Mini ChloƩ Perfume

- Power Compact from The Face Shop

- Lip Balm from EOS

- Lip Stick from Missha MPK03

- Hand Sanitizer from Bath & Body Works in Farmstand Apple

- Pen From MUJI

- A Comb

2) Passport Holder

I got this cute passport holder from Aliexpress, took a month to come but was so cheap and pretty good quality. This passport holder has slots for my boarding pass, some cash and also ID cards & credit cards. So at the airport I just need to hold on to this instead of rummaging in my bag every time.

3) Cell Phone - OnePlus One

I think no explanation is needed.

4) Portable Charger by XiaoMi

Also self explanatory with cell phones nowadays and my addiction to the internet.

5) Head Phones by Frends

6) Card Holder by Jam Studio

I don't usually carry this when I travel since it carries all my retail points cards, but I was going to the U.S they have a lot of the same stores as Canada so just in case, don't wanna miss out chances to collect points. :3

7) Wallet by Ted Baker

And ... I also usually carry

8) Camera - Canon Powershot ELPH 330 H3

9) Sunglasses

But I forgot to take pictures :P

Thanks for Reading!