Japan 2016: Tokyo, Osaka, + Kyoto

So I went to Japan again, the second time in less than a year. Usually, I try to go somewhere new every time I travel, but the last time I went to Japan was actually for a job interview, so I didn't get to see much. This time, my friend was looking to take a vacation, and I literally booked and decided the week before. I'm lucky right now that I have a job that will allow me to go on such a short notice and who knows if I will get this opportunity in the future, so I decided just to go! 

No photo diary this time. I mostly focused on filming so here are some of the videos I took!

Have you ever been to Japan?

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Japan 2015 Photo Dairy

Recently I had the opportunity to go to Japan, but sadly I could only stay for 6 days since it was literally between my final exams. I stayed in Chiba, which is a city about an hour away from Tokyo and since I had one day of free time to explore, I went to Tokyo with some of the people I meet. Luckily the day I had free was probably one of Tokyo's hottest days in December, it was almost 20°C so perfect weather for walking around!

Honestly Japan is one of the best places I have traveled to if not the best, Tokyo was really unlike any other big cities I visited. Like in most big cities I been to in the states or in China you go eat at a famous restaurant, go to a famous shopping street with expensive brand names and buy nothing, go to some monuments/statues/structures and take a picture in front of it, go to the top of a high building and take a picture of the night scenery. Japan had all of that and more, there was something interesting and unique everywhere and not only the weird stuff that Japan is known for, but you could also see how well the history and traditions were preserved. We walked through a normal neighbourhood while we were going from Roppongi to Shibuya and we ran across this cute little shrine that was between 2 houses than later down the road a beautiful park with japanese maple trees.

"stand on the left, stand on the left, stand on the LEFT"

First place we went was the Tsukiji fish market since it closes pretty early, well the time we went it was pretty much considered closed, but we wanted to check it out since it was close to Ginza and we could just walk right over. 

cute but not delicious lol

We didn't have enough time to really pick a sushi restaurant, but we definitely wanted to have some kinda sushi before we go, so we found this place where you can literally buy a block of fish and they would cut it into sashimi on the spot. And ok in Canada I usually only like to eat salmon because other fish have such a strong fishy taste so I was a little worried when we picked the medium fatty tuna, but OMG best sashimi of my life, there was no fishy taste and it melted in my mouth. ~.~ must get more.


Of course we had to go to the starbucks and see the famous Shibuya crossing (and the cashier had very pretty handwriting)

Ramen purchased through a vending machine outside the store :D

So by this point we went from Tsukiji -> Ginza -> Roppongi -> Shibuya -> Shinjuku and I stopped by muji and a duty free drug store to buy some japanese cosmetics and my usual hair dyes, but after this we were soooo tired and just couldn't continue any longer so we just decided to cut our day short and go back to our hotel. I basically ended my photo taking there. ;(

My last japanese meal at the airport on my last day

I definitely need to go back the next chance I get cause there was too much to see! Although we had a very ambitious itinerary of going to see like 7 different areas to Tokyo we could really only see 3 or 4 because our feet were just raw by the end.

Anyways enjoy my photo diary of what little photos I could take!