2015 Year End Review

It's the beginning of a new year again and the end of another. 

2015 was one of the most life changing years of my life.

1) I Travelled

To start the year I went with 3 friends to New York City to see the ball drop. During the summer my family from China came over to the states and we meet up with them there for a big tour of the U.S. We started off in Buffalo than to Florida, Utah, Las Vegas, The Grand Canyon, Los Angeles, and lastly Hawaii. It was quite hectic travelling with 9 people, but an amazing experience none the less. Then before the last semester of university 2 friends and I drove to Chicago just for a random road trip. Lastly, I recently also went for a short 5 day trip to Japan which was pretty amazing.

2) I Graduated from University

After 3 years and 4 month I finished my bachelor's degree! I finished early because I took a full course load during the summer of my first year, not something I would really recommend now that I'm done, but does give me some time to relax, go travelling, or just to plan for what I'm going to do now.

3) I Started this blog

Lastly the only other major moment of 2015 I can think of right now is probably this blog that I'm writing. It started off kinda iffy, well .... it's still kinda iffy. I'm still trying to figure out the direction I want to go in, but it's coming ... soon. I been thinking about a blog for a long time and this is the year I finally did it because of a quote I read which was don't "let perfect be the enemy of good". I could have spent forever thinking about how I can make a a great blog, but it's better for me to start and just keep tweaking it as I go.

Now it's 2016 and of course we can all set goals and resolutions whenever, no need to wait for a new year, but for me this new year is actually a brand new start and a big change in my lifestyle. I don't really have my next steps planned out by other people anymore. No more school, which was basically the main part of my life for the last 17-ish years of my life. I could theoretically do whatever I want.

So in 2016 I will...

1) Exercise

I will run 5 times a week for at least 30 mins, plus at home workout exercises with weights.

2) Travel

Of course, there are tons of places I want to explore, but if I had time for a long term trip I want to travel to South Asia and also Japan and Taiwan sometime this year. 

3) Read

I want to read more this year. I will read at least 30 mins everyday before I go to bed and try to read 1 book a month. I just feel like I can't sit in front of the computer all day and if I'm not going out all I do is stare at a screen (even when I exercise I watch dramas). This is not only to just learn more in general, but I actually see my eyes worsening from being on the computer all the time.

I have other goals for this year too, but for now I'll just share these and hopefully it will motivate me to do more.

What are your new year resolutions?