DIY Necklace Holder/Display

Here's a really simple DIY jewelry holder to sort necklaces of all shapes and sizes!


- Canvas (Whatever size you want, but if you want to go big better to find one that's better quality)

- Cardboard (size of the back of your canvas)

- Masking Tape

- Scissors

- Push Pins (In the color of your choosing)

- You choice of stretchy fabric OPTIONAL

Step 1:

Cut the cardboard to the size of the back of your canvas with an extra centimeter edge on all sides

Step 2:

Slide the cardboard underneath the sides on the back and use tape to secure it in place.


Stretch the fabric over the canvas and tape it to the back. Just stretch it enough so there are no wrinkles but not so tight that tape won't hold it down. I jsut didn't really like the look of the canvas.

Step 4:

Lay out your jewellery on the canvas to where you want it to hang at and push your push pins accordingly while holding the cardboard on the back to make sure it goes through completely

Step 5:

Hang it! I just used 2 push pins on my wall to hold it and it seems to be holding up fine, but depending on your wall type and how heavy your jewelry may be, you may want to look for picture frame hangers to hold it up

Thanks for reading!